About the Journal


Name of the Journal:
       Kratkiye soobshcheniya Instituta arkheologii – KSIA (Brief Communications of the Institute of Archaeology).

Description of the journal:
       KSIA is an academic archaeological journal covering the whole of Russia. Its objective is to introduce into the academic literature the latest results of professional research and shape up-to-date concepts relating to problems of archaeology.
       The task of the journal is to publish the most important achievements of recent field archaeology and to examine a broad range of problems relating to pre-historic, Classical and Medieval archaeology (both in Russia and abroad) and using scientific methods in archaeology. The Editorial Board of the journal KSIA is constantly working to raise the academic level of the published materials, so as to provide readers with new relevant information concerning the achievements of archaeology in our country against a broad background of modern developments in the domain of historical research.
       When KSIA issues of are compiled, each one is focused on a particular theme and often based on materials from a recent conference organized by and held in the Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences.

The journal’s history:
       The journal “Kratkiye soobshcheniya Instituta arkheologii” – KSIA (Brief Communications of the Institute of Archaeology) has been coming out regularly since 1939. Its original title was “Brief Communications on Papers and Field Research from the Institute for the History of Material Culture” (KSIIMK). In 1960 (Issue 81) the name was changed, after the Institute for the History of Material Culture (IIMK) had been changed to the Institute of Archaeology, and after Issue 121 it was abridged. Publication resumed with Issue 211 in 2001 after an eight-year interval. At the present time it is brought out four times a year and covers archaeological work from all over the Russian Federation. KSIA is well-known not merely among professional archaeologists but also among specialists in prehistory, historians of the Ancient, Classical and Medieval periods, ethnographers, anthropologists, linguists and representatives of other academic disciplines. The journal is often quoted abroad as well.
       In 2010 and 2015 the Journal entered the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and editions, recommended by The Higher certifying Commission.

The Journal enters the following services:
       Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and RSCI core.
       RSCI database on Web of Science platform
       Web of Science Core Collection
       ABCD index
       ERIH PLUS

Frequency of publication:
       At present the journal is brought out four times a year – March, June, September, December. The average number of pages in each issue is around 300.

Founded: 1939

ISSN 0130-2620

Registration in the mass media:
       Certificate of Registration: ПИ № ФС77-36683 (as of June 29, 2009)

Postal address:
       117036 Moscow, Russian Federation, Dmitriya Ulyanova street, 19; Tel.: 007-499-126-47-98; Fax: 007-499-126-06-30; E-mail: ksia@iaran.ru

       Nikolaj Andreyevich MAKAROV, member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation; E-mail: MakarovNA@iaran.ru

Founder of the journal
       Federal state-funded scientific institution – Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences

Publisher – Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences

Contributions format:
       In each issue of KSIA, rules with detailed information for authors are published (Submission guide) outlining the principles for the presentation of contributors’ articles (both text and illustrations) and review procedures. The size for published materials is around 32 symbols and up to 4 full-page illustrations. It is up to the Editorial Board whether articles exceeding the indicated limit are accepted or not. Materials need to be submitted to the journal’s e-mail address: ksia@iaran.ru

Access to the content of the journal:
       The journal is committed to the Open Access principle, i.e. users have the right “to read, download, copy, disseminate, search or make references to full texts of the papers published in the KSIA”.
       Full-text versions of issues of the journal are posted on its website ksia.iaran.ru and on the website of Institute of Archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences www.archaeolog.ru and also on the site of the academic electronic library http://elibrary.ru

Distribution is through the unified catalogue ‘Pressa Rossii’, subscription index Е11907. Retail sale: Trading house “Gnosis”: http://www.gnosisbooks.ru/