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Gorodilov A. Yu., Tkach E. S., Kholkina M. A. Elements of the Pan-European Horizon of the Corded Ware Culture in the Southeastern Coast of the Gulf of Finland and in the Luga Region. . . . . 7 [pdf]
Shvetsova A. A. Shchelkovo 1, a Late Pozdnyakovo Settlement in the Lower Reaches of the Oka River: Characteristics of the Ceramic Assemblage. . . . . 24 [pdf]
Valchak S. B. Early Scythian Helmets from the Collection of the State Historical Museum and the Formation of Helmets of the Kuban Type. . . . . 42 [pdf]
Kadieva A. A. Items of the Scythian Animal Style from the Zayukovo-3 Cemetery. . . . . 58 [pdf]
Artemieva N. G., Makievsky S. V., Mikhalchenko A. P. A New Poltse Site in Primorye. . . . . 72 [pdf]
Petrovskiy V. M. Ballast of Ancient Merchant Ships. . . . . 87 [pdf]

Denisov S. A., Valuev A. A., Skvortsov K. N. Household Knives and Sheath of the Second Half of the 13th—16th Centuries from Necropolis of Alt-Wehlau. . . . . 97 [pdf]
Gaydukov P. G., Grishin I. V. Anonymous Grand Ducal Coins with the Image of an Ornamental Grate Minted in the Principality of Nizhny Novgorod-Suzdal under the Rule of Moscow. . . . . 116 [pdf]
Medyntseva A. A. Chizh and the Crane (historical and cultural comment to the graffiti) . . . . . 126 [pdf]
Belyaev L. A., Maksimova A. A. The Novodevichy Convent: The Central Development Area of the 16th-17th Centuries (based on the materials from the 2020 excavation trench) . . . . . 134 [pdf]
Fatyunina O. A. The Results of Studying Production Waste from the Medieval Shoe Shop (the case of Pereyaslavl Ryazansky) . . . . . 156 [pdf]

Birkina N. A., Svirkina N. G. The Funerary Rite of the Ryazan-Oka Finns Based on the Materials from the Gorodishche-2 Cemetery. . . . . 175 [pdf]
Kazantseva O. A., Kupriyanov D. A. On the Issue of Information Potential of Charcoal from Cremations of Kudashevsky I Cemetery (3rd-5th centuries) . . . . . 193 [pdf]
Kupstova L. V., Kleshchenko E. A., Kuptsov E. A., Svirkina N. G., Dobrovolskaya M. V., Kryukova E. A., Kupriyanov D. A. The Multiple Grave of the Early Nomads from the Southern Urals with Cremation Traces: Cultural and Chronological Interpretation and New Approaches to the Studies of the Burial Rite. . . . . 208 [pdf]
Guseva V. P, Kleshchenko E. A., Krenke N. A., Ganichev K. A., Ershov I. N, Pevzner M. M., Chaukin S. N. The Cemetery with Cremated Burials of the 7th-8th Centuries in Smolensk. . . . . 237 [pdf]
Syrovatko A. S., Guseva V. P. Cremation with the Burial Construction from the Sokolova Pustyn Cemetery. . . . . 249 [pdf]

Salugina N. P, Morgunova N. L., Faizullin A. A. New Data on the Pottery of the Yamnaya Culture of the Southern Urals. . . . . 261 [pdf]
Kuznetsova E. V., Shelepov D. A., Andrushkevich S. O. The Petrographic Analysis of the Moulding Paste of the Amphorae from Grave No. 381v of the Cemetery in Starokorsunskaya Fortified Settlement No. 2. . . . . 276 [pdf]
Klemeshova M. E., Trebeleva G. V., Yurkov G. Yu. Comparative Analysis of Natural Raw Materials and Ceramic Items from the Excavations of the Markula Hillfort and the Pottery Production Center near the Atara Village in Eastern Abkhazia. . . . . 290 [pdf]

Petrov F. N, Ankushev M. N, Blinov I. A., Artemyev D. A. Analytical Studies and Typological Attribution of the Arsenical Bronze Knife Found near the Erlygas Settlement, Chelyabinsk Region. . . . . 311 [pdf]
Sudarev N. I., Saprykina I. A., Smirnova V. S., Mimokhod R. A., Kichanov S. E. Preliminary Results of Studying the Kyathoi Dating to the 5th-4th Centuries BC from the Graves of the Volna 1 Cemetery. . . . . 326 [pdf]
Zavyalov V. I., Terekhova N. N. Technological Characteristics of Iron Items from the Early Iron Age (based on the materials from the Moscow region settlements) . . . . . 346 [pdf]
Zaytseva I. E., Kovalenko E. S., Guryeva P. V., Mandrykina A. V., Kondratyev O. A., Ismagulov A. M., Podurets K. M., Tereshchenko E. Yu., Yatsishina E. B. Three Bracelets from the Isady Hoard of 2021: Production Technology and Metal Composition. . . . . 356 [pdf]
Rumyantseva O. S., Mastykova A. V. The Chemical Composition of Glass from the Byzantine Settlement of Gorzuvita in the Southern Coast of Crimea: First Results. . . . . 377 [pdf]
Firsov К. B., Strokov A. A., Kiseleva D. V. New Results of Radiocarbon Dating of the Finds from the Scythian and Sarmatian Sites in the Collection of the State Historical Museum. . . . . 396 [pdf]
Mednikova M. B., Chechyotkina O. Yu., Tarasova A. A., Petrova K. A. Oncological Diseases of the Population of the Jetyasar Archaeological Culture during the Early Middle Ages. . . . . 412 [pdf]
Vasilieva E. E., Chechyotkina O. Yu., Tarasova A. A. One Burial from the Cemetery near the Transfiguration Church in Borovsk: Archaeological and Anthropological Aspects. . . . . 430 [pdf]
Zhurbin I. V. The Boundaries and the Occupation Layer of Medieval Settlements Destroyed by Ploughing up Identified Using the Materials of the Multispectral Imaging (Cheptsa culture hillforts of the 9th-13th centuries) . . . . . 443 [pdf]
Manuilova E. A., Khotylev О. V., Olkhovskiy S. V., Khotylev A. O., Mayorov A. A., Shchepelev F. S. The Paleohydrographic Network of the Taman Peninsula Based on Remote Sensing Data. . . . . 457 [pdf]
Voloshchenko A. P, Pivnev P. P, Khokhlov S. A. Features ofApplying Hydroacoustic Equipment in Underwater Archeology on the Example of the Survey of the Sarkel Fortress Excavations. . . . . 473 [pdf]

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SUBMISSION GUIDE. . . . . 490 [pdf]