Iss. 234

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Mastykova A. V. Introduction. Leaders’ culture of the North Caucasus in migration period and european context. . . . . 3 [pdf]
GadzhiyevM. S., Malashev V. Yu. «Princely» and elite military burials of the Late Sarmatian and Hunnic periods in Dagestan. . . . . 9 [pdf]
Gmyrya L. B. Temple pendants as social indicators among the nomads of the West-Caspian region (based on materials from the Palasa-syrt kurgan cemetery from the 4th and 5th cc.). . . . . 25 [pdf]
Semyonov I. G. The position of the ruler of the East-Caucasian Huns in the hierarchy of the state of the European Huns (based on data from the History of the Land of Alwank‘). . . . . 43 [pdf]
Mamayev Kh. M. A princely burial near the town of Magas (Ingushetia). . . . . 55 [pdf]
Malashev V. Yu. The Alanian culture in the Northern Caucasus: the question of the early state formations among the population of the region in the 2nd-4th cc. AD. . . . . 72 [pdf]
Gabuyev T. A. «Princely» Alanian burial-mounds in the upper reaches of the Terek River (Brut, Beslan). . . . . 84 [pdf]
Korobov D. S. Burials of Alanian «leaders» and centres of power in the Kislovodsk depression in the Early Medieval period. . . . . 95 [pdf]
Savenko S. N. Another burial belonging to a representative of the Alanian social elite at the beginning of the Early Medieval period in the Kislovodsk depression (based on archive materials of A. P. Runich). . . . . 115 [pdf]
Nyushkov V. A. The military estate in Apsylia. A historical and cultural study. . . . . 140 [pdf]
Sharov O. V. The Bosporan elite in the Late Classical period: a burial with the Golden mask. . . . . 158 [pdf]
Khrapunov I. N., Stoyanova A. A. On the property-based and social differentiation within the population of the piedmont zone in the Crimea during the Late Roman period. . . . . 176 [pdf]
Mastykova A. V., Zemtsov G. L. A «princely» female burial in the Mukhino-2 settlement from the Hunnic period in the upper reaches of the River Don. . . . . 200 [pdf]
Saprykina I. A. The chemical composition of golden items from burial 1 at the Mukhino-2 settlement and their manufacturing technique in connection with the definition of «status indicators». . . . . 223 [pdf]
Radyush O. A. Princely and leaders’ burials in the early 5th century in the upper reaches of the Dnieper: new research and finds. . . . . 234 [pdf]
Istvánovits E., Kulcsár V. Leaders’ burials and centres of power in the Late Roman period and the era of the Great Migration of the Peoples in the Carpathian Basin. . . . . 252 [pdf]
Kazansky M. M., Périn P. «Royal» and «princely» burials and burials of «leaders» from the Early Merovingian period in Gaul: current state of the research. . . . . 262 [pdf]

Antipushina Zh. A., Leonova Ye. V., Tiunov A. V. Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis of land snail shell organic matrix from Mesolithic layers of cave Dvoinaya in the North-Western Caucasus. . . . . 287 [pdf]
Buzhilova A. P. Bio-archaeological analysis of fragmentary materials from the Neolithic site of Sakarovka I (Moldavia). . . . . 299 [pdf]
Dobrovolskaya M. V, Jovanovich M. K. Palaeo-ecological aspects of the study of anthropological materials from the Late Neolithic in Gomolava (Serbia) (preliminary report). . . . . 320 [pdf]
Mednikova M. B., Tarasova A. A. A case study of applying the method of geometric morphometry for determination of similarity and biological relationship of the buried in the Middle Bronze Age Pepkino burial-mound. . . . . 338 [pdf]
Gorbanenko S. A. Archaeo-botanical investigations of materials from the archaeological complex at Gornal. . . . . 353 [pdf]
Aleshinskaya A. S., Spiridonova Ye. A., Kochanova M. D. Anthropogenic changes in landscapes in the environs of Medieval settlements: the palinological aspect. . . . . 362 [pdf]

ABBREVIATIONS. . . . . 377 [pdf]
SUBMISSION GUIDE. . . . . 379 [pdf]