Iss. 253

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Ozherelyev D. V, Trifonov V. G., CelikH. Z., Trikhunkov Ya. I., Frolov P. D., Simakova A. N. Early Paleolithic finds in the Euphrates valley (South-Eastern Turkey) in the light of initial settlement of population in Asia Minor and the caucasus. . . . . 7 [pdf]
Leonova Е. V., Uspenskaya O. I. The flint tool collection from the Primorskiy Severo-Zapadnoe settlement. . . . . 28 [pdf]
Rukavishnikova I. V., Beylin D. V., Zaytsev Yu. P. Excavations of the kurgan near the Lgovskoe village. . . . . 42 [pdf]
Antonov E. E. Chronology of the Late Scythian Tarpanchi settlement in the Northwest Crimea. . . . . 54 [pdf]

Oshibkina S. V. Mesolithic peatbog settlements and camps in Eastern Prionezhye. . . . . 66 [pdf]
Zaltsman E. B. New materials on the Neolithic of the northeast coast of the Vistula lagoon. . . . . 82 [pdf]
Melnik V. I. Traditions and innovations in the elements of funerary practice used by the population of the Eastern cis-Azov Sea region. . . . . 96 [pdf]
Lunkova Yu. V., Lunkov V. Yu. Burials with metal items from ground cemeteries of Timber-grave cultural historical entity. . . . . 110 [pdf]
Skakov A. Yu., Dzhopua A. I. Bronze zoomorphic figurines of Northwest colchis (Dzhantukh burial ground) . . . . . 120 [pdf]
Danielyan H. A., Vasileva E. E. Gndakar: A fortified settlement of II-I millennia BC. . . . . 140 [pdf]

Malyshev A. A., Moor V. V. Experience of reconstructing a towerlike structure at the Dubki settlement. . . . . 149 [pdf]
Berezin Ya. B., Gabuev T. A., Maslov V. E. Nomadic burials dated to the 4th -1st centuries BС from Lysogorskiy-6 cemetery. . . . . 163 [pdf]
Malashev V. Yu., Saipudinov M. Sh., Tangiev M. A., Frizen S. Yu., Shaushev K. B. Excavations of the Tatli-bulak kurgan cemetery in Northern Dagestan. . . . . 178 [pdf]
Yarovoy E. V. New classical sites in surroundings of the Greek colony callatis (Mangalia, Romania) . . . . . 189 [pdf]
Skvortsov K. N., Pesh A. The silver binding of the saddle dated to the turn of the 6th century from the Mitino cemetery in the Kaliningrad region. . . . . 199 [pdf]
Khomyakova O. A. The unknown collection of items from the Prussia Museum in the holdings of the State Historical Museum. Gift of the Director Bezzenberger. . . . . 220 [pdf]
Devlet E. G., Levanova E. S., Fokeeva E. V. Activities of the foreign expedition of the Petroglyphic team of the Institute of Archaeology, RAS, in 2018. . . . . 235 [pdf]

Vyazemsky A. V, Sarafanova N. A., Malygin P. D. The mace-head (pemat) from the «Office of Archbishop representatives» of the 14th century from the upper hillfort of Torzhok. . . . . 244 [pdf]
Fat’kov A. M., Minenko V V., Slepova Ya. R., Chirkov M. V., Anikin I. S. Archaeological excavations of the Daryino-1 kurgan cemetery in 2016. . . . . 255 [pdf]
Tropin N. A. Social attribution of belt mounts from open trade and craft settlements of the late 11th – early 15th c. in the Upper Don region. . . . . 277 [pdf]
Anikin I. S., Fat’kov A. M., Chirkov M. V. Tableware from the 2016 excavations at the unfortified settlements of Rusino-4 and Rusino-5. . . . . 293 [pdf]
Druzhinina I. A. The glazed plate from the burial mound near the stanitsa Abinskaya (On materials from excavations by V G. Tizengauzen in the Kuban region, 1879) . . . . . 305 [pdf]
Zhilina N. V. Filigree in decorative art of Medieval Russia in the 10th -11th centuries. . . . . 315 [pdf]
Strikalov I. Yu., Chernetsov A. V. A jeweler’s die featuring a saint from the excavations in Staraya Ryazan. . . . . 328 [pdf]
Osipov D. O., Sedov Vl. V., Vdovichenko M. V. Leather shoes from the graves of the St. George Cathedral in the St. George’s (Yuriev) monastery of Velikiy Novgorod. . . . . 335 [pdf]
Druzhinina I. A., Dmitriev A. V. Weaponry items from the Sidorenkova Shchel kurgan cemetery. . . . . 348 [pdf]
Sarafanova N. A., Malygin P. D. Experience of archaeological reconnaissance based on features of a 17th century drawing. . . . . 368 [pdf]

Mednikova M. B. How to become a castler? (Mobility of the Abashevo population based on the materials from the Pepkino Middle Bronze Age kurgan. . . . . 378 [pdf]
Chagarov O. S., Dobrovolskaya M. V. Nitrogen and carbon isotopes in reconstructing diet and mode of life of the Middle Don population in the Scythian period (the case study of the Ternovoe-Kolbino kurgan cemetery) . . . . . 390 [pdf]
Kashirskaya N. N., Potapova A. V., Kleshchenko A. A., Borisov A. V. Microbiological identification of animal origin substrates in the funerary mats of the Bronze Age. . . . . 403 [pdf]
Pererva E. V., Klepikov V. M. The case of lifetime amputation of the Middle Sarmatia warrior’s forearm. . . . . 417 [pdf]

Sorokina I. A. The Central Archaeological Bureau: V A. Gorodstov’s project (1923) . . . . . 432 [pdf]
Gaydukov P. G., Levanova E. S., Pakhunov A. S., Grinko A. E., Fokeeva E. V. Archaeology in the contemporary world – scientific information resource: Project results. . . . . 445 [pdf]

ABBREVIATIONS. . . . . 449 [pdf]

SUBMISSION GUIDE. . . . . 452 [pdf]