Iss. 259

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Ozherelyev D. V. The Oldowan Period in Africa and Eurasia: Archaeological Sites and Issues of Cultural Attribution and Chronology. . . . . 5 [pdf]
Avilova L. I. The Study of Metal Vessels from Anatolia (III Millennium BC): Morphology and the Finds Context. . . . . 21 [pdf]
Vinogradov N. B., Kuzminykh S. V., Khayryatdinov R. K. Khvarenah Symbols of Blacksmiths/Foundrymen of the Bronze Age in the Southern Trans-Urals. . . . . 43 [pdf]
Korol G. G. A Buddhist Narrative Scene from the Helsinki Museum: a Medieval Belt Mount (Minusinsk Depression) . . . . . 59 [pdf]

Levanova E. S., Khlopachev G. A., Gavrilov K. N. The International Conference on the Signs and Images in the Stone Age Art: Roots and Outcomes. . . . . 74 [pdf]
Lbova L. V., Pankina A. I., Volkov P. V., Kazakov V. V. Zoomorphic Portable Art from Siberian Collections of the Upper Paleolithic (documentation, systematization and approaches to classification) . . . . . 80 [pdf]
Akhmetgaleyeva N. B. The Image of the Horse: a Case Study of Carved Bones from the Byki Upper Paleolithic Sites. . . . . 93 [pdf]
Gavrilov K. N. The Archaeological Context of Portable Art from the Khotylevo 2, Station B Upper Paleolithic Site. . . . . 106 [pdf]
Sovetova O. S., Shishkina O. O. Anthropomorphic Figures in the Early Layer of Petroglyphs of the Minusinsk Depression. . . . . 125 [pdf]
Molodin V. I., Zotkina L. V., Cretin C., Cheremisin D. V., Batbold N., Tseveendorj D. The Palimpsest from Tsagaan Salaa Sector IV (Mongolian Altai): Relative Chronology of Images. . . . . 134 [pdf]
Zhilin M. G. Signs and Images on Bone Weaponry in the Early Mesolithic Age of the Volga-Oka Interfluve. . . . . 151 [pdf]
Savchenko S. N. Bone Items with Images from Lake Vechera and their Analogies in the Mesolithic-Neolithic of Eastern Europe and the Urals. . . . . 167 [pdf]
Kolpakov E. M. Geometric Figures from Fennoscandia. . . . . 184 [pdf]
Lobanova N. V. Signs and Symbols in Karelia Rock Art: Classification and Issues of Interpretation. . . . . 195 [pdf]

Shishlina N. I., Orfinskaya O. V., Kiseleva D. V., Surkov A. V. Bronze Age Textile from the Chesmenka 3 Kurgan Group in the Voronezh Region: Technology, Isotopic Composition and Radiocarbon Chronology. . . . . 209 [pdf]
Slusarska K. Data for Reconstruction of Textile Technologies and Some Elements of Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Clothes in the Southern Area of the Baltic Sea. . . . . 228 [pdf]
Birkina N. A. Some Aspects of Technology Used to Make Items from the Bryansk and Moshchiny Hoards. . . . . 247 [pdf]
Khomyakova O. A. Pins in the Sambian-Natangian Culture Based on Data of the Female Dress. . . . . 263 [pdf]
Syshchikov N. V. Jewelry of the Dnieper Cultural Circle at the Early Medieval Sites along the Krivets Line in the Upper Reaches of the Voronezh River. . . . . 282 [pdf]
Jansone S. Possible Reconstruction of Female Costume in Grobina: Baltic Influence and Scandinavian Style. . . . . 297 [pdf]
Engovatova A. V., Chernova O. F., Orfinskaya O. V., Yakovchik M. S. Felt from a Mass Grave (construction No. 110) in Yaroslavl. . . . . 305 [pdf]

Koval V. Yu. Use of Three-Walled Log Houses in the Fortifications of Medieval Rus. . . . . 326 [pdf]
Ershov I. N., Krenke N. A., Ganichev K. A. Laying-out and Dating of Medieval Defensive Constructions near the Avraamy Transfiguration Monastery in Smolensk. . . . . 340 [pdf]
Belyaev L. A., Baranova S. I. Archaeology about the 17th Century Palace in Kolomenskoye: Overview of Data Sources. . . . . 353 [pdf]
Dyakova O. V. Fortifications in the Avvakumovka River Basin in Eastern Primorye. . . . . 368 [pdf]
Artem’yeva N. G., Makievskiy S. V. External Defensive Constructions of Jurchen Cities in Eastern Xia. . . . . 387 [pdf]
Sattarnejad S., Parvin S., Hendiani E. Chronology of the Historical Context of Maragheh City Based on Archaeological Exploration and Historical Written Sources. . . . . 397 [pdf]

Mastykova A. V. The Medieval Site of Gorzuvity in the Crimea Southern Coast: Excavations 69 Years Later. . . . . 407 [pdf]
Dobrovolskaya M. B., Mastykova A. V. Stable Isotope Studies of the Deceased from the Sepulchral Vault at Gorzuvity: Chronology, Diet Pattern and Mobility. . . . . 428 [pdf]
Korobov D. S., Malashev V. Yu., Faflbinder J. The Comprehensive Study of the Early Alan Burials of the Fourth Century in North Ossetia. . . . . 441 [pdf]
Malashev V. Yu., Frizen S. Yu. Craniological Materials from the Alan Cemeteries in the North Caucasus in the 3rd – First Half of the 5th Centuries. . . . . 459 [pdf]
Svirkina N. G., Volodin S. A. The Comprehensive Study of Cremations in the 1st Century BC – 2nd Century AD from the Burial Vaults of the Eastern Necropolis in Phanagoria. . . . . 482 [pdf]

Lapshin A. G. Criteria of Identifying Printed Stamps Made with One Die on the Bottoms of the Vladimir Wheel-Made Ceramics. . . . . 496 [pdf]
Abolina N. A. Ceramic Lids from Archaeological Materials in the City of Yeniseysk. . . . . 509 [pdf]

Kudryavstev A. A., Volodin S. A. Participation of the Institute for the History of Material Culture (the Moscow branch) of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the Activities of the Extraordinary State Commission (1943-1944) . . . . . 540 [pdf]

ABBREVIATIONS. . . . . 556 [pdf]

SUBMISION GUIDE. . . . . 558 [pdf]